Find out what's new on GetNetWise! The Spotlight section features information about the latest issues and concerns facing Internet users and illustrates helpful safety techniques with step-by-step video tutorials. The newest Spotlight additions include information on how to use the privacy settings of popular social networking sites and activating safe search features in most top search engines. More.

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GetNetWise is a project created by the Internet Education Foundation to help ensure that Internet users have safe and rewarding online experiences. With your financial support, we will continue to provide parents, teachers and community members with all the resources they need to make informed decisions about their and their family's online experience.

The Internet Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, thus all donations to Internet Education Foundation tax-deductible. Our Federal Tax ID number is 31-1577362.

If you would like to donate to Internet Education Foundation, you may use the Pay Pal option below (PayPal account not required), simply click on an amount and you will be directed to Pay Pal. After your transaction, you will be redirected back to GetNetWise.




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Or you may send checks to:

Internet Education Foundation
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Think of all the parents you know who could easily use these free tools to help keep their kids safe online. So tell them!

Here is a quick and easy copy-and-paste email that you can send your family and friends to get them to use our free tools:

Dear Friend,

You will agree that keeping our kids safe online is one of the more challenging aspects of parenting in the 21st century - but I have found a site that can help.

Please visit: to have easy access to and explanations of all of the filtering and safety tools out there.

Please forward this email to all of your friends so that we all can "GetNetWise."


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